Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sidharta - Perif '73 (Scoop o.s.t.)

...and now for something completely different.
Here is a rarity ! Band name is Sidharta, track name is Perif '73. This record wouldn't be out of place in the Finders Keepers No No serie of reissues.
A nearly ungoogleable soundtrack single from a nearly ungoogleable 1973 movie named Scoop. Music is 5'55'' of pure heavy/Psych. I  believe that Sidharta was a french band but the members were surely  influenced by the German Kraut scene.
Any info about this band would be really appreciate !

Perif '73


  1. very happy to see you back in action. oops whoops seems such a distant memory now..

  2. J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites Mister Whoops. Comme bonne résolution 2013 je vous conseille un post par jour. Happy New Year.

  3. please reupload "Chappell Dance and Mood Music Vol.18
    Chappell 1971"

    email me at

    i will love you forever!!!!!!

  4. Hey, Somebody found more info on the band?

    Great 7"

  5. Great! Could you please share the other tracks from this? (Btw the clip claiming to be of 'Scoop' on youtube is nothing of the sort...)