Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sidharta - Perif '73 (Scoop o.s.t.)

...and now for something completely different.
Here is a rarity ! Band name is Sidharta, track name is Perif '73. This record wouldn't be out of place in the Finders Keepers No No serie of reissues.
A nearly ungoogleable soundtrack single from a nearly ungoogleable 1973 movie named Scoop. Music is 5'55'' of pure heavy/Psych. I  believe that Sidharta was a french band but the members were surely  influenced by the German Kraut scene.
Any info about this band would be really appreciate !

Perif '73

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Roger Roger/Johnny Hawksworth/John Cacavas - Dark shapes/Strange journey pt.2/Modular Twist/Electro-Rock machine

Early titles from the Chappell LPC serie are  far from being the most consistent records  of all their catalogue. Lots of fluffy orchestral background music and very very light Jazz by the usual list of Chappell house composers like Duncan Lamont, Roger Webb, Roger Roger & co. All of them usually hidden behind the generic name of Ole Jensen.
Here, there is not one but two personal favorites, a Crime Jazz twisted gem named Dark shapes by Roger Roger and an  insane Harpsichord lead abstract curiosity named Strange Journey pt.2 by Johnny Hawksworth. The two John Cacavas tracks (Modular Twist and Electro-Rock machine) while being perfect examples of the groovy side of late sixties Library Music, are less adventurous.

Dark shapes

Strange journey pt.2

Modular Twist

Electro-Rock machine