Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sonny Silver - Midnight in Kenya EP

Excellent early sixties minimalistic drums oriented Extended Play with occasional electric guitar, it was done with a fake african mood in mind. The phony biography on the back cover informs us that Sonny Silver have played with the greatest Jazzmen and is known to be really moody.
Sonny Silver was a pseudonym for Gérard Hugé, drummer for the french band Les Pingouins and later songwriter and arranger for Stella, Ronnie Bird, Claude Channes or Yeye singer Pussycat, who also was his wife.
It sounds like a Sandy Nelson record from the same period but much more dynamic and raw. I also appreciate the accuracy of the label name, Twist.
If you want to preview the title track...

Midnight in Kenya

Or download the complete record...
Coimplete Midnight in Kenya EP 320kbps

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