Saturday, May 26, 2012

Christian Poulet - Fuligule

Born in 1961 in a family of musicians, Christian Poulet was a young keyboard prodigy, by 1976 he was the pupil of Rhoda Scott and by 1978 he released his first record on the Charles Talar label...The one above.
He devoted himself to Library Music during the eighties and the nineties and made quite a lot of tracks for Koka Media and Kosinus, one of them named Cafeteria was even used in Fight Club.
So, here is for the short biography, but what about the music..?
Well, this cheesy sooo late seventies cover perfectly illustrates what's inside and what's inside can stay inside, forever confined in its white paper bag, except for one track that really make it for me. A Funky little gem named Fuligule.  
As soon as i heard this Clavinet intro, i knew that Fuligule would be a keeper.


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