Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Armand Migiani - Inter planétaire music/Des gens d'ailleurs

Armand Migiani was a band leader, a composer and a saxophone player (He played in many classic french Jazz albums like André Hodeir's Jazz et Jazz or Pierre Michelot's Round about a bass). During the sixties most of his own recordings were done for the RCA-Victor label under the aliases of Migiani Grand Orchestre, Migiani Septet or Billy's Sax. He also worked a lot in the french Variété as Composer/Arranger.
Like many others, during the seventies he made Library Music and released two records for the small Mic France label, Variances was the second one.
Inter planétaire music and Des gens d'ailleurs are made of brass and Fuzz guitar over fat Funky rhythms. Both of them stand proudly next to the best recordings of Daniel Janin or Ivan Jullien.
This record was also released by Cam in Italy in 1975.

Armand Migiani is definitely one of my musical heroes.

Inter planétaire music

Des gens d'ailleurs

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  1. Des gens d'ailleurs one of the best. top stuff!!