Saturday, May 26, 2012

Christian Poulet - Fuligule

Born in 1961 in a family of musicians, Christian Poulet was a young keyboard prodigy, by 1976 he was the pupil of Rhoda Scott and by 1978 he released his first record on the Charles Talar label...The one above.
He devoted himself to Library Music during the eighties and the nineties and made quite a lot of tracks for Koka Media and Kosinus, one of them named Cafeteria was even used in Fight Club.
So, here is for the short biography, but what about the music..?
Well, this cheesy sooo late seventies cover perfectly illustrates what's inside and what's inside can stay inside, forever confined in its white paper bag, except for one track that really make it for me. A Funky little gem named Fuligule.  
As soon as i heard this Clavinet intro, i knew that Fuligule would be a keeper.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Al Mone and Ions/Bob Christian/Georges Jouvin - Haute tension/Réflexion sur un dentier/Rhythm and Blues for trumpet

I have a love and hate relationship with Easy Listening trumpet records, 90% of them are saturated with dull instrumental covers of almost forgotten hits and moreover, Easy Listening trumpet players act as if they always had three rules in mind...

1) Always stick to the melody, never ever disgress or improvise.
2) Absolutely no inflection of any note should be allowed. Play as straight as possible. Always keep in mind that you have to show people that you are not some kind of Jazz musician.
3) Play loud, even louder than loud, it will help to compensate the fact that you have absolutely no style.

...But sometimes, one or two tracks are worth a spin. I believe that this is the case here.

I do not know much about Al Mone and Bob Christian, i do know a little bit more about Georges Jouvin but let's resumate it this way. I'm quite sure that he never heard of Tomasz Stanko.

The above record is one of the two Jouvin records worth owning, that's it.

Haute tension

Réflexion sur un dentier

Rhythm and Blues for trumpet

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sonny Silver - Midnight in Kenya EP

Excellent early sixties minimalistic drums oriented Extended Play with occasional electric guitar, it was done with a fake african mood in mind. The phony biography on the back cover informs us that Sonny Silver have played with the greatest Jazzmen and is known to be really moody.
Sonny Silver was a pseudonym for Gérard Hugé, drummer for the french band Les Pingouins and later songwriter and arranger for Stella, Ronnie Bird, Claude Channes or Yeye singer Pussycat, who also was his wife.
It sounds like a Sandy Nelson record from the same period but much more dynamic and raw. I also appreciate the accuracy of the label name, Twist.
If you want to preview the title track...

Midnight in Kenya

Or download the complete record...
Coimplete Midnight in Kenya EP 320kbps

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Lucky Dollars/Tom Perkins - Drum Twist/Black sun Twist

In 1962, The Twist was everywhere. Here are two of the finest examples taken from french singles, both of them were written by the enigmatic Don Steinway. I once knew who was behind this alias but i completely forgot his name, sorry.
Black Sun Twist was taken from an excellent RCA-Victor LP named Twistez le Madison, a split album by Tom Perkins/Don Steinway and Billy's Sax/Armand Migiani.

Drum Twist

Black sun Twist

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Armand Migiani - Inter planétaire music/Des gens d'ailleurs

Armand Migiani was a band leader, a composer and a saxophone player (He played in many classic french Jazz albums like André Hodeir's Jazz et Jazz or Pierre Michelot's Round about a bass). During the sixties most of his own recordings were done for the RCA-Victor label under the aliases of Migiani Grand Orchestre, Migiani Septet or Billy's Sax. He also worked a lot in the french Variété as Composer/Arranger.
Like many others, during the seventies he made Library Music and released two records for the small Mic France label, Variances was the second one.
Inter planétaire music and Des gens d'ailleurs are made of brass and Fuzz guitar over fat Funky rhythms. Both of them stand proudly next to the best recordings of Daniel Janin or Ivan Jullien.
This record was also released by Cam in Italy in 1975.

Armand Migiani is definitely one of my musical heroes.

Inter planétaire music

Des gens d'ailleurs