Monday, April 16, 2012

Tito Bongo Septet/Ben, sa Tumba et son Orchestre - Patato y Mangual/Cubano chant

Ben (real name Ben Bakrim) was born in 1925 near Bordeaux in a Franco-Morrocan family. He began his professional career in 1948, notably in Eddie Warner Orchestra and as soon as 1951 he was leading the orchestra of the famous parisian cabaret the Lido.
Cubano chant is a Ray Bryant composition best known through its inclusion in Martin Denny's Afro-Desia and Art Blakey's Drum suite LP . Patato Y Mangual is an original Descarga wich supposedly includes Jose Mangual and Carlos 'Patato' Valdes as guest musicians. Cubano Chant was recorded in 1961 and Patato y Mangual in 1963.
What is really impressive about Ben is the constant quality of his records, while most of the Typic french orchestra of this period were playing vaguely exotic background music he was never afraid of adding Latin Jazz elements to his music.
Some of you may have noticed that the picture on the Ben, sa Tumba et son Orchestre EP and the one on the french version of the famous Michel Magne's Tropical fantasy are from the same session.

Patato y Mangual

Cubano chant

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