Friday, April 20, 2012

Manhattan Trio - Ouais!!

First of the three singles released by the Manhattan Trio, here without The Sylvet's. Ouais!! is a Jazzy piano lead nugget certainly inspired by Billy Page composition The in crowd, it even shares the same fake Jazz Club audience.
Since french drummer Richard Bennett (It was in his own jazz group, Les Dixie-Cats that Nino Ferrer, who was still calling himself Nino Ferrari, began his career) admitted in a 2003 interview that Burt Blakey was one of his pseudonym, i believe that he was behind all Manhattan Trio releases. Bennett took the arstistic head of Barclay's sub label Riviera in 1964 and is also famous for the Psychedelic/exploito project, Les Papyvores, originally released to promote Paco Rabanne Paper dresses.
The Manhattan Trio also released a split LP with Pierre Sellin on the french Library Music label Impala but all tracks are credited to Daniel J. White, Jesus Franco's regular musical partner.


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