Saturday, April 21, 2012

Johnnie Pate Quintet/Ralph Marterie et son Orchestre - Muskeeta/Bacardi

Chuck Rio's 1958 sax lead hit Tequila was covered or ripped-off by everybody in the late fifties/Early sixties, from teenage amateur bands to well established musicians. Chuck Rio himself made many sequels to his original hit. Here are two of my favorite Tequila inspired tracks, taken from french EPs.




  1. Thanks! "Tequila" versions are always good... Just found your blog yesterday... some really nice stuff you share! Especially liked your post "Les Léopards en Guyane - Michelina" - - - share more music from the French Antilles... ;-) I shared two compilations with some of my musical favourites from the French Antilles on my blog a while ago:

    Best wished from China; Fiete

  2. Michelina was something special to me, I just coudn't believe that such a wonderful track still remained unheard, that's why i shared it in my first post. I wish i had more french Antilles records but since i have some Debs/Celini...albums and singles on my shelves i'll try to share more in the future.
    Thanks for the comment.