Thursday, April 12, 2012

Joe Rossi et sa Grande Formation - Le grand huit

Tele Record was launched at the end of the sixties with André Lutereau and Lucien Lavoute as regular collaborators before the creation of their own Epervier label. The three volumes of Musique en relief LPs were even repackaged as Travelling on Tele Record and then as Travelling Orchestra Volume 1, 2 & 3 on the Epervier label. Basically all LPs and singles on both label shared the same team of well trained professional musicians like Michel Lorin, Armand Molinetti, Sylvio Gualda, André Paquinet or Benny name a few.  
Joe Rossi was already a well known acccordion player when this record was released but i doubt he ever came closer to the kind of Big Band Jazz in wich the Lutereau team was excelling. Le grand huit, a Lutereau composition can also be found in the second Musique en relief/Travelling Orchestra release without the accordion as lead. The Joe Rossi version is much more dynamic, just check the percussions !

Le grand huit

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  1. i have a good memory about this one... the over titles are ggood too. thank for the music and the comment!