Monday, April 2, 2012

Jâo Pandeiro/Roby Davis et son Orchestre - Piranhas/Dabongo

Jâo Pandeiro was a pseudonym for french drummer/composer/band leader Jerry Mengo (real Name Giuseppe Mengozzi), he was a prominent figure in the french musical scene until his death at the very end of the seventies. The latter part of his career was nearly entirely devoted to Library Music.
Alto Saxophone player Roby Davis was the husband of Andrée Davis-Boyer (her and her crew filmed most of the cheesy french scopitones during the 60′s) and the father of Florence Davis (still active as a Jazz vocalist).
Both of them played an active part in the Jazz field in France during the forties and they even played together at several time.
Piranhas and Dabongo share more than small similarities, in fact, we are here in presence of what i would call the I'm a man/Mannish boy syndrome. I don't know if the first copied the second but according to my ears the main difference is in the instrumentation. Both tracks share the same Schifrinesque cinematic feel and would have been perfect as the main theme for an imaginary sixties spy movie. Enjoy !



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  1. It's so nice to have you back. I surely share your marvelous, (sometimes peculiar) taste for instrumentals. It's so sad what they nowadays call "Dance" music, isn't it. I wonder if you might get in touch with Ruby Davis's Twistin' EP's. My bro once had Vol.2 and misses it very much...Trois Maillets Jam, Douce Violence...

    Greetings from the snowcastle town Kemi, Finland