Saturday, April 7, 2012

Henri Salvador - Le martien

Henri Salvador was born in 1917 and began his career during the thirties as a guitarist in the Ray Ventura orchestra. He claimed to be the main inspiration for the creation of the Bossa Nova (he was in Brazil in the forties), recorded some of the earliest french Rock'n Roll songs under the pseudonym of Henry Cording with Boris Vian and Michel Legrand in 1956 and achieved success during the sixties and the seventies with silly songs about Zorro, Juanita Banana...etc.
He was nearly totally forgotten during the eighties and the nineties but made a comeback in 2000 with the rather boring but much acclaimed "Chambre avec vue" LP. He died in 2008.
For the average vinyl digger, Salvador's career can be resumed to a handful of singles like Beta Gamma l'ordinateur, Carnaby Street, Mama goteu loteu houi, Kissinger le duc Tho...and Le martien.
Recorded in 1963 this Ran-Dells Martian Hop cover is totally insane, it echoed the french version of The Purple people eater, Croque crâne creux translated by Boris Vian in 1958 and sung by Gabriel Dalar.

Le martien

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  1. il y a aussi un bon morceau ou il repete : "Mettez vous ca bien dans la tete!"

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