Wednesday, April 25, 2012

André Popp et son Orchestre - L'homme invisible/Embouteillages

André Popp's 1963/64 instrumental 4-track EP about hunters, military life, invisible man and traffic blocking. I don't know if sound engineer Pierre Fatosme was involved in this one as it definitively has an Elsa Popping flavor but in a much more modern way.  
Embouteillages is particularly impressive, let's say Kraftwerk's Autobahn meets Jacques Tati in Spaceage Pop days.

L'homme invisible



  1. "L'homme invisible" - definitely has an Elsa Popping flavor to it, as you call it... and I think Elsa Popping's "Delirium in HI-FI" is the only album related to Andre Popp I have known so far... (back from my teenage days when I started buying Exotica records... and also records for their covers... Just found link to your Flickr photostream... woah! Hell lot of beautiful covers - and must be some amazing music on them as well! You own all of them... ? There still must be so much good music out there I have never heard about... :)

    By any chance - do you have the Debs 7inch with this song: "Midnight Groovers - Sic Doud La" ? (1975 Disques Debs 7" (aka Sucre Doux La) ... what a beautiful and powerful song! (here is a youtube link: ) - - - can't find the 7inch anywhere - but would love to play a good rip on my hi-fi system welcoming summer...

    Best wishes; Fiete

  2. Yes i own all of them dubme and much more but scanning (just like digging and ripping/editing as well) all these covers is such a time eating process that it is sometimes difficult to have regular updates.
    Believe me, i would love to have this Midnight Groovers single you're talking about but i just never seen a copy of it.